Frightened!  Olansi Healthcare Indutry exposure: Is air conditioner dirty? Are you still in the block?

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That’s what the summer likes, dinner with fish shrimp, air conditioner WiFi with watermelon.with the arrival of high temperature weather. Many families have opened “24-hour air conditioner” mode, Olansi Healthcare Indutry experts to remind you, do not seek cozy! Becauseif you stay too much time all day with air conditioner. You will feel headache unbearable, disgusting dizziness, chest nipple and other discomfort, this is not a physical problem, but because of the wind of air conditioner!

Why the air conditionier makes people feel uncomfortable? Olansi Healthcare Indutry experts said that people stay too much time in the air-conditioner room, sealed air-conditioned room led to the air is not in circulation, bacteria will be a lot of breeding here, the health of the natural difficult to be protected, you will  feel dizzy, cough, and even breathing difficulties!

Olansi Healthcare Industry to remind people focus on air quality in every season!

Most of us only in the winter when the haze days serious, will think of the home air purification, and in the summer and autumn haze is weak, for the air quality is not so concerned, Olansi Healthcare Industry experts to remind users who this is not right!

In fact, the source of indoor air pollution is complex and diverse, the harm caused by much larger, so the protection of indoor respiratory health is also a long-term concern!

Moreover, due to open air conditioner when the need to close the window, so that pollutants can only be recycled in the room, air quality will decline. In this case, an effective air purifier can improve air quality, remove fine particles in the air, volatile organic matter and bacteria, etc., to improve the quality of home air, said the Olansi Healthcare Industry experts said.

Improve the living environment, Olansi Healthcare Industry to bring you fresh air!

In general, to improve the air environment at home, many people will choose an air purifier, an air purifier is carrying a family behind the pursuit of health, but also consumers to the family the most reliable protection. Therefore, as a healthy enterprise reputation,Olansi Healthcare Industry only strictly control the quality, in order to make the most responsible for the consumer products!

In good faith to recommend to you, Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Industry launched the Olansi K08 alive air purifier, is a leading international level of eco-efficient desktop air purifier, is committed to providing consumers with healthy breathing environment of ecological health Products that can help people against the haze, car exhaust, PM2.5, formaldehyde and other air pollution problems caused by health hazards!

The partner with air conditioner in the summer, that’s Olansi K08 nano air purifier!

It is worth mentioning that Olansi K08 negative ion air purifier air purifier parts with four layers of high-quality filter (pre-filter, early filter, in addition to formaldehyde, benzene filter and HEPA fine fine filter layer) and other high-tech content design , Effective purification of formaldehyde and other chemical pollutants, and can inhibit the growth and reproduction of various fungi, effective purification from the air conditioning on the hazards, bring fresh air to the family!

Moreover, Olansi Healthcare Industry K08 air purifier motor using Bama air replication technology, restore and reproduce Bama air indicators, set a strong natural negative ion generation, air purification, superoxide detoxification and other functions in one, to create a Palestinian Ma health of the micro-environment, so that consumers and Bama healthy breathing together, at home can easily enjoy the natural fresh air!

Here, Olansi Healthcare Industry experts recommend everyone to use the ozone generator air purifier at the same time, to meet the regular cleaning air conditioning, in addition, every day remember the window ventilation,let you and your family breath fresh air everytime!

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he health industry of Australia: pay attention to the correct choice of air purifier in the summer indoor environment

air purifier manufacturers

In the summer, most of the family ingore the ceiling air purifier and put it in the corner, until the autumn and winter the fog is haze,they will use again. In fact, this is the errors of using wall mounted air purifier.

Data shows that China’s residential air quality exceeded the serious, home improvement pollution as a source of a variety of diseases. Indoor formaldehyde mainly from plywood, particleboard, wood-based panels, chemical fiber carpets, foam, paint, paint, etc., experiments show that the room temperature for each rise of 1 ℃, from the furniture of formaldehyde in the air will increase the concentration of formaldehyde To 0.37 times. High temperature and humidity environment, the release of formaldehyde can be 20% -30% higher than usual.

In addition to formaldehyde, indoor air harmful substances also include benzene, bacteria, fungi, pollen, viruses, etc., may cause allergies and asthma and other respiratory diseases, great harm to the human body. Therefore,it’s very necessary to use air purifier to improve the air quality and reduce the air pollution in the summer.

Experts recommend that the summer choose uv air purifier, Firstly is to buy in line with national standards of air purifier, based on the new national standard, select the CADR value is high, CCM value is high, high energy efficiency and low noise products. Secondly, you can choose with anion function of the purifier products, to achieve the purpose of sterilization.

In the market, Olansi K08 negative platinum air purifier, for example, the purifier to the world’s five longevity – Guangxi Bama’s longevity environment based on the use of ENI anion accelerator technology and nano-fullerene ions Release technology, simulation of the natural principle of the equivalent of natural ecological air negative ions, with natural negative ions, air purification, superoxide detoxification and many other functions.

In the purification of air, Olansi K08 negative industrial air purifier HEPA fine particle fine filter layer, the air 0.1 micron diameter dust and particles to filter, 0.3 micron dust particles removal rate of 99.99%, can effectively remove PM2.5 contains bacteria, fungi, viruses, dust, smoke, pollen, harmful minerals, allergens and other 100 kinds of micro-particles, and can inhibit the growth and reproduction of various fungi, so as to achieve clean air, sterilization double effect.

In the case of negative ions, Olansi K08 water based air purifier original “ecological anion accelerator” can be doubled to increase the release of negative ions, resulting in the equivalent of Bama natural ecological negative ions. At the same time in particular to increase the negative ion migration power, set the “no scrolls centrifugal fan”, strengthen the negative ion bath environment, so you can at home with Bama to breathe and enjoy the natural convalescence.

The family emphasizes that even if the smell has been dispersed for a few months, formaldehyde remains stubborn in the interior environment because its release cycle can last up to 3 to 15 years. Therefore, long-term use of air purifier is very necessary and the right choice.

This article originally: air purifier manufacturers this article link  reproduced please specify the source

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Hydrogen rich water,There are so many secrets you don’t know

Four characteristics of hydrogen rich water

1, the hydrogen atom content is 20 times that of ordinary alkaline ionized water,

The ability to remove acidic substances in the body is stronger

2, high hydrogen content, alkalescent, negative potential, a small part of the water as a whole,

Balance the pH of the body, effectively prevent a variety of diseases

3, beauty, weight loss becomes easy

4, small size, light weight, easy to carry at any time to drink healthy water

Same point:

1, can generate negative ions;

2, can make the drinking water alkaline (pH of 7.3-8.8);

3, can purify water quality, get rid of residual chlorine;

4, mineralized drinking water, more than 9 mineral water;

5, the activation of drinking water;

6, can make water into small molecules of water

Hydrogen rich water detoxification principle

The study confirmed that hydrogen itself is a kind of best natural antioxidants. Because the hydrogen molecule is fine, into the body can quickly penetrate to the body, and penetrates the cell membrane, which is very difficult to take away malignant active oxygen elimination, neutralization and water (urine) excreted, and will not affect other benign reactive oxygen species and body functions. The most important thing is to be destroyed, and the restoration of cell oxidation. Of course we can also inhalation of hydrogen to detoxify, but water as a carrier, made of hydrogen rich water for drinking, hydrogen molecules can through the blood circulation to the body, safely and completely take away the body of most harmful toxins. The first time I read about “the water in the water” (hydrogen rich water) reports, also feel fantastic, too magical! People drink more water, natural and beneficial to the body, and if it is not necessarily related to hydrogen. Moreover, not eat vitamins, drink Green Tea Can antioxidant? Most antioxidants like vitamin that is not easy to pass through the cell membrane, and cannot be targeted only to malignant ROS destroyed, what’s more, eat a lot of vitamins, also difficult to store and in vivo absorption. According to experimental analysis, hydrogen antioxidant ability and cellular resilience is by far the most powerful -300-700. Hydrogen (MV) antioxidant capacity, which is in the 0 bit (normal balance level), the greater the negative value, the stronger the ability of anti oxygen, that is to say, the hydrogen within the cell toxin significantly reduced 300-700 units; as for the positive refers to the degree of oxidation (acidification), such as natto +36mv, Japanese radish +65mv, Green Tea +200mv